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undreds of thousands of immigrant workers will be able to continue to use their existing work permits for nearly 18 months after they expire, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced Tuesday. The reprieve is scheduled to go into effect Wednesday as a Temporary Final Rule and comes as the agency seeks to address a backlog of roughly 1.5 million work-permit applications. The

On April 21, 2022, the United States announced a key step toward fulfilling President Biden’s commitment to welcome Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion. Uniting for Ukraine provides a pathway for Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members who are outside the United States to come to the United States and stay temporarily in a two-year period of parole. Ukrainians participating in

he term dialect is derived from the Latin dialectus, dialectos, and further from the Ancient Greek word διάλεκτος, diálektos ‘discourse,’ from διά, diá ‘through’ and λέγω, légō ‘I speak.’ When you look up the difference between language and dialect you will discover that a language is generally defined as a system or method of human communication either spoken or written, consisting

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced Tuesday that immigrant workers would be permitted to use their expired work permits for an additional 18 months, offering reprieve to hundreds of thousands of immigrants waiting for permission to work. The extension, outlined in a Temporary Final Rule that will go into effect on May 4, 2022, is part of a larger government effort to

TPS Designated Through: October 19, 2023 Registration Period: April 19, 2022 – October 19, 2023 Continuous Residence in U.S. Since: April 11, 2022 Continuous Physical Presence in U.S. Since: April 19, 2022 TPS Designation Date: April 19, 2022 Federal Register Notice Citation: 87 FR 23211  Close All Open All When to File for TPS If you are applying for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under Ukraine’s designation, effective April 19, 2022, you must register during the 18-month registration period

hile the need for professional interpreters in settings like courtrooms, healthcare institutions, and conferences has long been established, interpreters have been somewhat absent in the U.S. education system. According to the American Association of Interpreters and Translators in Education, interpreters tend to work in fields outside of education, largely due to the fact that school settings offer lower wages and schedule

ASHINGTON – Today, the President will announce Uniting for Ukraine, a new streamlined process to provide Ukrainian citizens who have fled Russia’s unprovoked war of aggression opportunities to come to the United States, fulfilling President Biden’s commitment to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression as a result of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. In addition, the State

ccording to collective intelligence evangelist and journalist James Surowiecki, groups are much better at making predictions than the individuals who belong to those groups, be they novices or leading experts. To illustrate this theory, Surowiecki shares a story in his 2004 book, The Wisdom of Crowds, about Sir Francis Galton, a British statistician who made an astonishing discovery while attending a country